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Richard P Stamegna DC

  • Board Certified Doctor of Chiropractic by the National and South Carolina Chiropractic Board of Examiners
  • Bachelor of Science in Zoology 30 plus years experience in chiropractic and clinical nutrition
  • Meditation Instructor

Dr. Stamegna was born and raised in Mamaroneck, NY.   He holds a BS degree in Zoology from the University of Rhode Island and a Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Sherman College.  In over 30 years of practice he has moved relentlessly forward in expanding the holistic model that chiropractic has always demonstrated as its foundation.

All too often chiropractic is diluted into a treatment for headaches, neck and back pain.  While this is and should be a primary treatment choice, it often obscures the true and higher value of chiropractic care. Whenever spinal vertebrae are aligned/adjusted the nerves that emit from between the spinal segments carry less interference and higher quality information in their impulses.  This allows the body to work better, to heal various conditions, and the neck and back pain resolve as a side effect. Without pain as a reference point, many people notice the emotions get calmer, the mind quieter and life looks more like the gift that it is.  To focus on the alleviation of symptoms as the end result is just not good enough.  We should be interested in a higher degree of function and well being where we move into the totality of who we are not just the absence of symptoms, pain and discomfort.

The mind/body/spirit complex that we are affords many opportunities for investigation, understanding and application of various energetic influences, many of which ultimately require personal discipline. The goal of all energy work is to expand awareness and move the consciousness back towards its source.  In this regard Dr .Stamegna is well versed in meditation instruction and holds a Master of Spiritual Science degree from Peace Theological Seminary.

Clinical nutrition understands that the body is made to run on food.  Consequently, diet is a cornerstone of health and supplements need to be whole foods.  The practice specializes in Standard Process products. Coupled with kinesiological testing Dr. Stamegna can determine weaknesses, deficiencies, and nutritional protocols for various health challenges.

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